Photography Show – March 2017


Jeremy Barrett


Jeremy began photographing in 2008. He currently works as a farrier in Northamptonshire. His work often centers on landscapes and uses long exposures and filters to create moody and atmospheric photographs. His work has been commended by Landscape Photographer Of The Year. More information on Jeremy Barrett can be found at

Ben Brown

Life Currents

Ben Brown is a Landscape photographer living in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The painterly quality of his abstract landscape photography allows it to be classed among the school of painters known as Les Fauves, or “The Beasts.” His work, like the work of Les Fauves, is similarly wild and dynamic, with bold colors that take the nature imagery to a place of savage expression. More information on Ben Brown can be found at

Kenro Izu

Eternal Light

Kenro was born in Osaka, Japan in 1949. In 1975 he established the Kenro Izu Studio in New York City. In 1979 he traveled to Egypt and produced a series titled Sacred Places. He continues to photograph sacred places to this day. Other shows include Eternal Light, and Songs of Lao, a show exclusively created for Friends Without a Boarder to benefit Lao Friends Hospital for Children. More information on Kenro Izu can be found at

Erika Larsen

Nature: Human: Healing

Erika Larsen’s work focuses on cultures that have maintained a deep connection to nature. Often living alongside the people for years at a time, her photographs offer an intimate glimpse into these cultures. Her work has been featured by places such as the National Portrait Gallery, and the National Geographic Society. More information on Erika Larsen can be found at

Marc Toso

Ancient Nights

Marc Torso photographs the landscapes, petroglyphs, and ruins of the desert southwest. His photographs offer a connection with the land’s original inhabitants. His use of the sky and heavens gives new perspective on our place in the universe, and allows us to enter into a more timeless state. More information on Marc Torso can be found at

Group Show


“as a particle of union” | 1. quite all, the whole, pl. all together
2. all possible, absolute | 3. every one, neut. everything

As Above so Below • As above so below • As within so without • As below so above • As without so within
Embrace • And the Deep and Silence embraced in love to birth • and then there was Light • and then All arrived • and then All arrived • and then there was Light


Only some of the artwork is available for purchase through the website, please contact 505.407.3069, submit a message to the website, or email if you have questions regarding purchasing.